Amazingly tender, inexpensive and so easy to make! All great reasons to make this deliciously lean and tender rump roast recipe.

Cooking a rump roast is so easy and fuss free. When you learn how to cook rump roast the right way, you will love just how simple this roast is to make and how perfectly tasty it turns out.

Why rump roast?

What Makes This A Great Recipe

This roast is pure comfort food sliced and served with your favorite side dishes making it a Sunday dinner favorite.

How to cook


To cook a rump roast, start the roast at a higher temperature - 425° F. After 15 minutes, reduce the heat to 275° F and let the rump roast cook slowly for approximately 2 hours.

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Make Au Jus or Gravy

To make a nice sauce for the rump roast, simmer the juices in the pan with beef stock, Worcestershire, and a pinch of sugar.

Tips & Tricks

Take your roast out of the oven before it reaches the ideal temperature. Make sure to use a beef stock and not beef bouillon as the flavors will not be the same.

Here is the best rump roast recipe for one of my favorite comfort food dishes.

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